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Save Time – Save Money

As Application Developers, our time is valuable. We know the benefit of automation. It’s what we do! So why do we still spend time doing tasks ourselves that could easily be automated?

We focus on providing value added products for Application Developers. We spent the time so you don’t have to.


Code More. Debug Less.


Creating, debugging and organizing classes has never been easier!

With a simple to use interface, Classify.It! let’s you organize and interact with your Clarion classes. Add debugging to your classes with a just a few clicks. Save hours tracking down those buried bugs. Create classes and derived classes with ease. Include standardized comments and groups for your classes. 


Track your Program usage with Analyze.It!



Was your advertisement of a new feature successful?

Do you receive error reports in real time?

Are you effectively monitoring your concurrent user licenses?

Use Analyze.It! to collect the data you need to make smart application development decisions.

Legacy and ABC   Clarion 9 and above 
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It’s easier to keep up than catch up!


Stay up to date with Clarion and third party templates with ease.


Update. It! automatically downloads installation files for 3rd party products you own and alerts you through windows notifications of new releases. The notification center keeps you up-to-date on updates, specials, and vendor announcements.

Your life could be so much easier!

Reduce Down Time

Stay up to date with your developer tools without cutting into your actual development time.


Monitor SQL script deployment at your client sites. Receive automatic feedback and proactive customer service.

SQL Deployment

You spend hours writing sql code, but how do you coordinate the deployment to client side. If your process is not fully automated, you need SQL Script.It!

Launch & Monitor

Customer analytics on your .exe!
Understand how customers are using your product. Take the expensive guess work out of development.

Introduction to Analyze.It! Webinar

Live! Analyze.It! Tips, Tricks and Q&A When: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 8:00 AM Pacific Topics: Adding Analyze.It! to your application. Navigating Questions and answers

Where did I use that template again?

Update.It! makes it easy to see where your templates are used. Update.It! now has a template that you can add to your applications to help it track what templates you're using, and where they're being used. In Update.It! you should find the vendor ohnosoft under your...

Introducing Update.It!

We are launching a new product, Update.It! Easily maintain all your Clarion and Clarion Accessories.
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Sneak Peek Today

We are doing a sneak peek of the newest features of SQL Script.It! on today's Clarion Live Webinar at 12:00 pm EST! Click Here To Join ...Spoiler - it's awesome! We'll be demonstrating using SQL Script.It! in a multi-developer environment. Versioning and sharing...

New SQL Script.It! Features!

We've made it really easy to see summaries of tables, including columns, keys, indexes, foreign keys, triggers, and dependencies all on one screen! Plus we now display Dependents in the tree!  This will show you all the views, procedures, functions, etc where an...

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