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Track your Program usage without all the work!

Let Analyze.It! do the heavy lifting for you

Why Analyze.It!

How much do you really  know about when and how your customers are using your application?

  • Do you know if customers are using a new feature? How often they’ve used it?
  • Are there parts of your program that nobody uses?
  • What are the most popular features in your program?
  • Does your program ever crash? Why?
  • Is your application optimized for the screen resolution your customers are using?
  • How effectively are you monitoring your concurrent user licenses?

Analyze.It! can help you answer these and so many more questions we haven’t even thought of yet!


What is Analyze.It!

Analyze.It! is a template & class add-on for Clarion that allows you to easily collect data from your application. Simply drop in the Analyze.It! global template, fill out a few prompts and you’re ready to go!

Examples of data you can collect include:

  • When your application opens and closes.
  • Details of the computer your application is running on including Windows version, screen resolution, memory and more.
  • When users enter and exit procedures within your application.
  • Automatic GPF or undefined application termination reporting.
  • Custom data you may want to collect like license key, maintenance expiration, etc.
  • Add your own “trackers” to collect data on specific application usage like button click, report run, procedure open for a new feature you’ve added.

The template is flexible and allows you to collect any data you can imagine! Example 2

How to Analyze.It!

 Analyze.It! uses * to store the data, so you will need to create your own Honeycomb account.

  1. Add the Analyze.It! template to your Clarion application and set your Honeycomb credentials.
  2. Define some data sets to collect.
  3. Make sure your data has some event that triggers it’s collection.
  4. Compile and run your application.
  5. Check out your data on!


*We use the API to collect data but we are not affiliated with When you use their service, you are bound by their licensing and user agreements. Example

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