We’ve been working hard to get our first release of SQL Script.It! out the door, and we’ve finally done it! We were expecting to release several weeks ago, but we all know how that goes!
What to expect:

This is a BETA release, so expect bugs! We’ve done lots of testing, but we’re sure we’ve missed a few things along the way. We appreciate your bug reports! Send them to support@ohnosoft.com and we’ll get them fixed as soon as possible! Be sure to test out Script.It! on your test databases only!!

There is currently NO help file! We’re working on that, expect it soon.

Right now you can import scripts, edit them, keep version histories, and publish your views, triggers, procedures, and functions to an encrypted TPS file. There is a folder installed inside the SQL Script.It! install folder called Clarion that contains a DLL, LIB, and Template that you can use in your Clarion program to have it automatically update your SQL databases. This currently supports Clarion 10 only. We’ll be posting instructions on how to use this on our website by the end of the weekend.
What we know doesn’t work:

The “Check For Updates” button is having some issues. You can just download from the website for now. We’ll send out messages like this one as we post updates.

The Analyze button will sometimes display just a blue screen. Simply resize the window slightly to fill the panel. We’re working on that!

We’re also working to make creating tabs not quite so “jumpy”.


Finally, a special thanks to the Clarion community for all of your support, help, and encouragement in helping us get this product from concept to market!
— John Hickey and Mary Wade
— www.ohnosoft.com
— sales@ohnosoft.com

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