Thanks to all of those who have purchased SQL Script.It!

We’ve put out a new release today with some fixes and features.  You can find a list at .
Also on our website, we’ve started to build the Documentation section.  This is found under the Support menu at .  The first entry shows how to use the SSIUpdate.dll in your Clarion application.  This allows you to update your customer’s SQL database as needed.
Because “Check For Updates’ was not working in our initial release, you’ll have to manually download SQL Script.It! again using the link provided when you purchased the program.

Don’t Miss Out on CIDC 2015 Special Pricing!

As a reminder for those who haven’t purchased SQL Script.It!, there is a special coupon available until Friday December 4th!  Our suggested retail is $399, and currently offered for $169 as an introductory price.  Use the coupon CIDC2015 at checkout, and get SQL Script.It! for only $99!  This includes a full year money back guarantee, and your maintenance plan through December 31, 2016!
There’s more to come. We will keep you informed as SQL Script.It! grows and improves!  As always, if you have any questions, comments or issues please e-mail us at
— John Hickey and Mary Wade

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