We are pleased to announce a major new release of SQL Script.It!

We’ve been fixing bugs, improving the interface, and adding exciting new features to SQL Script.It! over the last several months!

Here are a few of the new features available:

  • Simplified method for adding new Projects by consolidating all required information into one form
  • Ability to add a specific test database to run sql statements against.
  • Tacking unpublished scripts in your project, so you can easily see which scripts have been updated before Publishing.
  • Tables are now listed in a separate pane, making them easier to access.
  • Double-clicking on a table column pastes it into the editor.
  • Added new preview pane to the bottom of the script list
  • Editor pane is no longer updated automatically, unless “Live Mode” is checked on. This allows viewing of other scripts in the preview pane while actively editing another script.
  • Simplified the menu options with more logical groupings.
  • Added a new button to allow opening a script in a new tab (one step).
  • Notes can now be added to scripts.
  • Added new “Publishing History” feature, which shows when you’ve published your scripts and which scripts were updated.

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