SQL Script.It! – New Release Today

The day has come!

The New Major Release of SQL Script.It! is now available

SQL Script.It! has been totally redesigned. 

Check out the Clarion Live! Webinar where we demonstrated the new features and basic examples for adding SQL Script.It! to your Clarion Application.

SQL Script.It! has native support for Clarion, but can be called from any application via command line.

Coming soon.. instructional videos on just that topic!

Note: This is a total re-write of SQL Script.It!  We recommend installing a totally new version of SQL Script.It! rather than just updating. To do that, either install into a different folder and create a new SQL Script.It! database or delete your current SQL Script.It! database from SQL Server before updating.
You can import your projects from their master database and pick up where you left off. For help on transitioning to the new SQL Script.It! contact us at support@ohnosoft.com .

Webinar – Join us for Clarion Live!

Join us tomorrow on Clarion Live!
Friday, November 3rd, at 9 am Pacific Time.

The topic will be “Introducing The New SQL Script.It!”

SQL Script.It! has been completely redesigned!

  • New Interface.
  • New Features.
  • Improved user experience.

Join us as we integrate SQL Script.It into an existing Clarion application in 3 simple steps.

Learn how to take the headache out of managing your SQL scripts and have a hassle free deployment every time.

We’ll also be releasing a new version of SQL Script.It! after the webinar.

This major release includes:

  • An entirely rewritten, simplified interface.
  • A new Extended Properties Manager, making documenting your database easier than ever before.
  • New class methods.
  • Rewritten stand-alone distributable utility for viewing and logging script update success and failure.
  • Stand-alone distributable utility which accepts command line commands for integrating into applications regardless of programming language.
  • And many more improvements

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!


SQL Script.It! Who knew scripting could feel this good.

Major Release – Preview

A major release of SQL Script.It! has been in the works for a while!  We previewed the new features at the Clarion International Developer Conference in Orlando.  Spoiler, the entire interface has been redesigned! Loaded with new features. Watch the whole demo here.