Update.It! makes it easy to see where your templates are used.

Update.It! now has a template that you can add to your applications to help it track what templates you’re using, and where they’re being used. In Update.It! you should find the vendor ohnosoft under your Clarion – Not Current section, with the “Update.It! Information Generator” listed as “Not Found”. You can use Update.It! to install this template into your Clarion installs.

Using the Update.It Information Generator Template

  • Add this global template into one of your apps.
  • Select a folder (the folder must exist) in which to generate your application’s data. This is an XML file that documents your app, including all the templates used in your app. If you have multiple apps in your solution, use the same folder for all of the apps. You can use a specific path, or a relative path such as ./MyAppXML
  • Compile your app or generate the source.
  • Repeat this for any application you would like to monitor for template usage.

Add the Solution into Update.It!

  • After you’ve used the template in at least one application, open Update.It!
  • Click on the Solutions button and add a Solution.
  • Enter a Solution name (this can be anything that helps you identify what this belongs to, such as the actual Solution name in Clarion).
  • Enter the folder path you entered in the global template for this application.
  • Choose whether you want Update.It! to monitor this folder for changes. If this is on, Update.It! will import the data for you automatically.
  • Once you’ve added the Solution, click the “Sync” button and the xml file will be imported.

Now you can go to your Product list and click on a template you know you’re using in your app. Click the “Template Usage” tab on the right, and you should see all the places in the app where this template is being used!

This is the first iteration of this feature. We expect to add reporting and exporting in the future.



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