Sneak Peek Today

We are doing a sneak peek of the newest features of SQL Script.It! on today’s Clarion Live Webinar at 12:00 pm EST!

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…Spoiler – it’s awesome!

We’ll be demonstrating using SQL Script.It! in a multi-developer environment.

Versioning and sharing scripts between multiple developers has never been easier!

Never worry about coordinating script updates again.

We plan to release this new version of SQL Script.It! soon.

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New SQL Script.It! Features!

We’ve made it really easy to see summaries of tables, including columns, keys, indexes, foreign keys, triggers, and dependencies all on one screen!

Plus we now display Dependents in the tree!  This will show you all the views, procedures, functions, etc where an object is used!

We’ve made it easier to enter Extended Properties too!

And we’ve fixed some bugs along the way!

Check out one of the new SQL Script.It! Features. It’s so easy is to find Dependents!

SQL Script.It! – New Release Today

The day has come!

The New Major Release of SQL Script.It! is now available

SQL Script.It! has been totally redesigned. 

Check out the Clarion Live! Webinar where we demonstrated the new features and basic examples for adding SQL Script.It! to your Clarion Application.

SQL Script.It! has native support for Clarion, but can be called from any application via command line.

Coming soon.. instructional videos on just that topic!

Note: This is a total re-write of SQL Script.It!  We recommend installing a totally new version of SQL Script.It! rather than just updating. To do that, either install into a different folder and create a new SQL Script.It! database or delete your current SQL Script.It! database from SQL Server before updating.
You can import your projects from their master database and pick up where you left off. For help on transitioning to the new SQL Script.It! contact us at .

Webinar – Join us for Clarion Live!

Join us tomorrow on Clarion Live!
Friday, November 3rd, at 9 am Pacific Time.

The topic will be “Introducing The New SQL Script.It!”

SQL Script.It! has been completely redesigned!

  • New Interface.
  • New Features.
  • Improved user experience.

Join us as we integrate SQL Script.It into an existing Clarion application in 3 simple steps.

Learn how to take the headache out of managing your SQL scripts and have a hassle free deployment every time.

We’ll also be releasing a new version of SQL Script.It! after the webinar.

This major release includes:

  • An entirely rewritten, simplified interface.
  • A new Extended Properties Manager, making documenting your database easier than ever before.
  • New class methods.
  • Rewritten stand-alone distributable utility for viewing and logging script update success and failure.
  • Stand-alone distributable utility which accepts command line commands for integrating into applications regardless of programming language.
  • And many more improvements

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you there!


SQL Script.It! Who knew scripting could feel this good.

Major Release – Preview

A major release of SQL Script.It! has been in the works for a while!  We previewed the new features at the Clarion International Developer Conference in Orlando.  Spoiler, the entire interface has been redesigned! Loaded with new features. Watch the whole demo here.

Webinar – How To Add SQL Script.It! To Your Clarion Application!”

We’ve scheduled a SQL Script.It! webinar for next Tuesday, April 19th, at 8am Pacific Time.

The topic will be “How To Add SQL Script.It! To Your Clarion Application!”

Register Now!

 And we need a volunteer!

We’d like to take a real-life application or two and demonstrate live how to add the updating capabilities of SQL Script.It! to it.  If you’re willing to share your screen during the webinar and let us show you how to add SQL Script.It! to it, send us an email at and we’ll set it up!

Major New Release!

We are pleased to announce a major new release of SQL Script.It!

We’ve been fixing bugs, improving the interface, and adding exciting new features to SQL Script.It! over the last several months!

Here are a few of the new features available:

  • Simplified method for adding new Projects by consolidating all required information into one form
  • Ability to add a specific test database to run sql statements against.
  • Tacking unpublished scripts in your project, so you can easily see which scripts have been updated before Publishing.
  • Tables are now listed in a separate pane, making them easier to access.
  • Double-clicking on a table column pastes it into the editor.
  • Added new preview pane to the bottom of the script list
  • Editor pane is no longer updated automatically, unless “Live Mode” is checked on. This allows viewing of other scripts in the preview pane while actively editing another script.
  • Simplified the menu options with more logical groupings.
  • Added a new button to allow opening a script in a new tab (one step).
  • Notes can now be added to scripts.
  • Added new “Publishing History” feature, which shows when you’ve published your scripts and which scripts were updated.

Update 12/18/2015

Installing from within SQL Script.It! would cause an error, saying that it could not access c:\temp . The solution is to create a c:\temp folder. This release takes care of this issue, so future updates will not have this problem.

Importing a second time in the same session would go into a loop
When publishing, did not update “View” drop-down list of Versions

New Things
Moved Tool Tip in Object list to the “Type” column (was too intrusive in the “Name” column)
Added “Schema” column to objects list
Exporting Text would export all objects. Now can select which objects to export. A message is shown when the export is completed (it’s very fast!) with an option to open the folder they were exported to.

A new drop-down “View” on the Scripting tab allows you to quickly look at past versions of your scripts

A new drop-down “Connection” allows you to quickly change connections to run a “View Query” against. Currently this is the only action the “Connection” setting has an effect on. Soon, “Update Database” and “Get From Database” will use this setting.

You can now select part of a script (say, selecting a “Select” statement from within a stored procedure) and then choose “View Query” to see the results of what you’ve selected.

Update posted for 12/10/2015

New build posted on 12/10/2015


  • Updating version would sometimes not work
  • Deleting a Project was not removing all of the children records


  • Improved Import Preview to include last date modified
  • Added Drop-Down to Script panel, making easy access to past versions
  • New “Copy To Working Version” button makes recovery of a previous version easy
  • Created log of changes to working version
  • Added Delete button to Script List (previously could only exclude)
  • Added “Recent” tab that shows most recent scripts edited
  • Right-click on Objects list now gives option to export to text
  • Added new switch for Importing from database, “Import As Published”. This imports scripts from your database and marks them all as Published. Here are the rules:

The switch is on by default
When doing an import into a blank project
With switch on: Two Versions are created of the imported script, one is the Published version, one is the working version
With switch off: One Version is created, a Working Version is created from the Imported Script. (nothing is published)

When doing in import into an existing project
Only scripts that are new/changed are imported.
With switch on: Existing Working version is archived. Two Versions are created of the imported script, one is the Published version, one is the working version
With switch off: Existing Working version is set as a subversion. A Working Version is created from the Imported Script.

SQL Script.It! – Update Available!

Thanks to all of those who have purchased SQL Script.It!

We’ve put out a new release today with some fixes and features.  You can find a list at .
Also on our website, we’ve started to build the Documentation section.  This is found under the Support menu at .  The first entry shows how to use the SSIUpdate.dll in your Clarion application.  This allows you to update your customer’s SQL database as needed.
Because “Check For Updates’ was not working in our initial release, you’ll have to manually download SQL Script.It! again using the link provided when you purchased the program.

Don’t Miss Out on CIDC 2015 Special Pricing!

As a reminder for those who haven’t purchased SQL Script.It!, there is a special coupon available until Friday December 4th!  Our suggested retail is $399, and currently offered for $169 as an introductory price.  Use the coupon CIDC2015 at checkout, and get SQL Script.It! for only $99!  This includes a full year money back guarantee, and your maintenance plan through December 31, 2016!
There’s more to come. We will keep you informed as SQL Script.It! grows and improves!  As always, if you have any questions, comments or issues please e-mail us at
— John Hickey and Mary Wade