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Why Classify.It!

How much time do you waste searching for classes or trying to pinpoint an elusive bug in a class?

  • Do you really understand the ABC classes, their organization and methods?
  • Have you memorized every name and saved location of each class you use?
  • Are you wasting time copying, pasting and renaming from an old class to create a new one?

Use Classify.It! to streamline this whole process and get back to coding!


What is Classify.It!

Classify.It! has a simple user interface that detects all your Clarion classes and organizes them in a tree for ease of navigation.  

Classify.It! Main Screen


Key Features:

  • Add and remove class debugs with just a few clicks
  • Easily create new classes
  • Quickly create new derived classes by tagging the parent 
Classify.It! Add Comments
  • Quickly create new derived classes by tagging the parent
  • Using the tree structure, easily explore all of your Clarion classes. It’s an excellent way to learn new methods!
  • Add standardized comments to your classes including author, license and version.
  • Update all your grouped classes at once! 
Classify.It! Derived Class

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