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If you are a Database Driven Application Developer, you should be using SQL Script.It!

You are focused on providing a seamless experience for your customers.

You design and redesign your user interface to ensure it is intuitive and simple, providing the right data at the right moment.

You refactor and optimize your code because you want solid data processing and lightening fast results for your clients.

You write code to automate and streamline processes because you know user dependent processes are prone to “user error”.


How do you ensure that your application is packed with the SQL Script updates required for your code to work?

Many developers use a test database and export their script changes to text files organized in folders.

They then embed their script changes in their application or distribute and execute text files.

This process can be labor intensive, insecure and reliant on the developer remembering what they changed from build version to build version.  And it only gets more complicated the more applications you are charged with managing.

There is a better way, SQL Script.It!

Partial Dot


Track script versions across multiple projects



Publish scripts to a secure, encrypted database for easy distribution.



Easy command line call from within your application for client side implementation.

With all these changes, how do you maintain documentation for your database?

MS SQL Server provides Extended Properties for pretty much every object.  By utilizing Extended Properties, we can provide detailed documentation of the entire database.

But Extended Properties can be hard to work with.

SQL Script.It! Extended Properties Manager

Add consistent Extended Properties to all like objects across your database.

Easily edit those properties in a list format.

Deploy Extended Properties with your other script changes so each customer has a fully documented database system.

Documentation Report Utility Included!

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